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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to browse the list of FAQs before submitting a question. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact Cindy Hart at x83986 or email

How do I provide my nomination rationale?
Type your nomination rationale, or copy and paste your rationale directly in the Reason for Nomination box on the nomination page. ONLY use Upload if you have documents such as CV's. Please zip the files together if there are more than one. Allowed formats include gif, jpg, png, pdf, and zip.

How do I submit a nomination?
Nomination forms are submitted online using the links under Submit a Nomination on the left side of your screen. After clicking the appropriate link, select from the list of awards available and complete the form. You will receive a confirmation upon successful completion of the nomination form.

May I submit a nomination for any award
No. Awards are broken down into four categories:

  • Awards nominated by faculty
  • Awards nominated by staff
  • Awards nominated by undergraduate students
  • Awards nominated by graduate students.

The links on the left side of your screen will take you directly to the list of awards for which you are eligible to submit nominations.

How many nominations may I submit?
You may nominate as many individuals for as many awards as you would like. You may nominate several individuals for the same award. But you may not nominate the same individual more than once for the same award.

Are multiple nominations recommended for each nominee?
Yes. The committees who decide the award winners would like to see a groundswell of support for the nominees. While an individual may not nominate the same person for more than one award, multiple people can nominate the same person for an award.

When is the deadline for nominations?
Nominations for 2023 - 2024 will be accepted through 5:00 pm on March 8, 2024 for Staff and September 6, 2024 for Faculty. Nominations after that date may be considered for the following academic year's awards process. Nominations are accepted and encouraged on a year-round basis.

May I print my nomination form and mail a copy to the President's Office?
No. Nominations must be submitted online te be considered.

Will the person I nominate be notified?
No. All nominations are confidential. Nominees are not notified that their names have been submitted for consideration unless they are ultimately selected as the winner. The name or names of the nominators are not revealed. If you wish to inform the person you've nominated on your own, you are welcome to do so.

May I nominate myself for an award?
No. Self-nominations are not accepted.

How will I know that you received my nomination?
After clicking Submit, you will see a confirmation that your nomination has been received. If you do not see a confirmation message, please try submitting your form again.

I want to re-nominate someone who did not win last year...may I do that?
Yes. A new nomination must be submitted. Rollover nominations are not considered.

I want to re-nominate someone who has already won an award. Is he/she eligible to win again?
The eligibility rules for each award vary; please consult the award description in question. You may review a list of previous winners, included on each award description page. The Past Award Winners tab at the top will display a complete list of previous winners for all award categories. Faculty and staff are not eligible to win any given University Award in two consecutive years, in addition to eligibility restrictions that apply for certain awards.

A group of co-workers and I want to get together to nominate the same individual. Is that allowed?
Yes. You may organize a "campaign" for a particular individual, however, each member of your group must submit his/her own online nomination form. Please note that awards review committees carefully study each submission, and do not base their decisions solely on the quantity of nominations for a particular individual.

Who gets to choose the award winners?
Awards review committees made up of various faculty, staff and student leaders complete an initial review of the nominations. After that, the University's Senior Officers make the final selection.

When will I know who won?
All faculty and staff winners are announced during the Lehigh Appreciation Dinner. Those who submitted nominations will be informed as to whether or not their nominee was chosen as the winner prior to the Appreciation Dinner.

I've heard of other awards given by the University. What about the awards that are not listed for online nominations?
There are several awards given by various departments at the University. You may review some of these awards through the Other Awards link on the left. You may only nominate for the awards presented at the annual Lehigh Appreciation dinners each spring on this site.