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Faculty-nominated awards

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Awards given to Faculty

 The LU Award for Global Engagement and Internationalization honors faculty who have made exemplary contributions to the internationalization of Lehigh University, while advancing the university’s mission of excellent teaching, research and service. We invite self-nominations as well as nominations of colleagues. The award will consider outstanding contributions from those who:1) Deepen the Lehigh community’s understanding of major global challenges, through their teaching, scholarship or service;2) Conduct cutting-edge research in collaboration with international partners, or research which has significant global reach and impact;3) Contribute to impactful global learning experiences for Lehigh students;4) Enrich cultural exchange on the Lehigh campus, through contributions to international programming, or with international students and visitors; and/or5) Advance the university’s reputation globally, promoting Lehigh University abroad, building connections with international partners, and deepening global recognition of Lehigh’s scholarship 

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