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Other University Awards

In addition to the awards eligible for nomination on this site, other University offices coordinate several high-profile awards.

Employee Relations Advisory Committee (ERAC)

ERAC Distinguished Service Award Recognizes outstanding service by a nonexempt or exempt staff member.  

Human Resources

Spot Bonus Award Program The Spot Bonus Program’s goal is to provide special recognition to staff members who have accomplished an extraordinary achievement within the workplace. Spot Bonus Award recipients’ contributions will be tied to a major department, stem, and/or University goal, and recipients and their accomplishments will be publicized.

Tradition of Excellence Awards In 2003, a representative committee of staff members and Human Resources planned and implemented a staff recognition program that is a special “thank you and handshake” with public recognition for significant contributions. Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Paul J. Franz Award Recognizes a professional staff administrator who combines excellence of performance with a service of dedication and devotion to Lehigh University.

Finance and Administration

John W. and Barbara R. Woltjen Award Deserving member of Finance and Administration nonexempt staff who works 75 percent FTE or more.