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Undergraduate Student

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Perry A. Zirkel Award for Distinguished Teaching in Education

Recognizes a current, full-time faculty member in the College of Education. The recipient must:

Louis & Helen Zirkel Library Staff Award

Established to recognize outstanding performance and service by a member of the exempt or nonexempt staff of the University Libraries. Nominations for this award may come from any member of the faculty, exempt staff, nonexempt staff or other patrons of the Lehigh University Libraries. Only current staff members are eligible to receive nominations for this award (retired staff are not eligible). Faculty and staff are not eligible to win any given University Award in two consecutive years, in addition to eligibility restrictions that apply for certain awards.

Robert & Christine Staub Faculty Excellence Award in Business & Economics

This award is handled through the Undergraduate Programs Office, in the College of Business. Please contact Katrina Zalatan at for details. Thank you.

Stabler Award for Excellence in Teaching

Awarded to a member of the faculty who comes closest to the following standards: a) Mastery of his or her field and superior ability in communicating it to others; b) An exceptional talent for encouraging students to want to understand alternatives and to make choices; c) Knows how to extract from students the full measure of their potential to learn; d) Guides their thoughts in a spirit of free inquiry and learns from them as he or she teaches; e) Never rests from being a teacher and is so infectious in his or her manner that the students scarcely know how deeply he or she is teaching; f)

Hillman Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising

This award recognizes excellence in teaching, research or advancing the interests of Lehigh University. In that context, this award recognizes exemplary undergraduate student advising defined as either: a) Guiding students through their exploration and pursuit of an academic course of study; or b) Assisting students in the development and/or completion of research related to their degree program. Only current, undergraduate students are permitted to submit nominations for this award.

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